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The Sound of Miles Davis

- Welcome to my Miles Davis Site -

This site is devoted to my Miles Davis discography "The Sound of Miles Davis. The Discography 1945 - 1991". On the following pages you will find information about the 1st and the upcoming 2nd edition.

Most of the pages on this site is dealing with the 1st editon of my Miles disco which at the moment has been sold out for some time!
The Sound of:
MILES DAVIS The Discography
A listing of Records and Tapes
1945 - 1991
By: Jan Lohmann

Copyright & Published by:
JazzMedia Aps
Dortheasvej 39
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
ISBN: 897-88043-12-6
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When the concept of the 2nd editon will be as in the first added a few features I think you should know a little about the basic content of the book, and see an example. The excerpt shown from 1970 is an example of how the commercial and non-commercial recordings are presented.

The first edition of the disco was published in March 1992, 6 months after Milesí sudden death in September 1991. Bob Belden did a nice Obituary included in the first edition of the disco.

The feedback I got from the 1st edition of "The Sound of Miles Davis" has been very positive and the book got some good reviews. The 1st edition is sold out. When the 2nd edition is published in late 2000, it will at least be available from the same main distributors. When these distributors is unavoidable what jazzliterature is concerned I have listed a few of these distributors.

One of the purposes for releasing the book was to get feedback for a coming update. People did react overwhelmingly and, as a result of the corrections and additions received, a 2nd edition is slowly on it's way.

If you think that you have information regarding Miles Davis and his music that should be part of a 2nd edition, donít hesitate to e-mail me.

All information like corrections, additions or suggestions for new features are more than welcome. If you have new music, I am always open for a Tape Exchange.

I didn't include a Davis biography in my disco. This was deliberate, because at the time of release, there were already several informative and great Davis biographies on sale, so instead I listed a few that I prefer.

Miles Davis died in 1991, but his music is still alive. A lot of people have made good websites in honor Davis and his music so I listed some links.

It's possible to join many online Jazz discussion groups, and of course, there is one devoted to Miles Davis too. If you are a Miles fan, signup to the Miles list now.

If you want a little more personal info about the man behind "The Sound of Miles Davis", please visit this section of my website.

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