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The Sound of Miles Davis

- A little about the 2nd edition -

When available:
I do hope to be able to publish the 2nd edition in the autumn of this year!
My plan was to publish the 2nd edition sometime in year 2003!
The updating is in progress, but when the updating is done in my spare time it takes longer than expected ;-(.

Where to buy:
Hopefully, at least at the same places as last time.

The content of the 2nd edition:

The Outlook.
The text will be more readable because of a better layout, but the content will be as it was for the 1st edition, with a few new helpful additions as mentioned below.

Listing of events.
The 2nd editon will include the corrections and additions that I have received from kind Miles' fans since the release of the 1st edition, plus additional information from the vaults.

Tour dates.
Besides the listing already present in the 1st edition, the 2nd editon will include a sort of Miles Davis dairy. It's my attempt to list a chronological list of gig's from when Miles started his career and until his all to sudden death more than 45 years later. My listing is far from complete, but it is a serious attempt. When such a listing is difficult to make here in Denmark, I still welcome any additionel information about any Davis concert that you have informations about!

Index of locations.
Some buyers of the 1st edition have suggested additional listings. So besides the index of titles and musicians the new edition will include the following additional index of
- Countries
- States
- Cities

Album title index.
The prior list of Equivalents will still be included with an added listing of album titles. This index will have dates attached so it should be possible from the title of an album to find the discographical information in it's proper place.

I have planned to include photos of musicians and album covers, but this is only possible if I can get my hands on images that are legal for me to use!

Help Needed!
In order to complete my intentions, I need your help! Please don’t hesitate and send me a line if you have information that you think should be included in the 2nd edition of my book. Such information could be:

- Concert dates.
- Live music on tape.
- Corrections and/or
- Additions to what I have already published.
- Private photos that you think should be included.

Info about the new edition?
Do you want to be notified when the new editon is available? If you do please send me a note to the below mentioned address and I will contact you by e-mail when the next edition is published!

A note is always welcome at the following address:

Jan Lohmann
Nygårdsvej 16
DK- 3520 Farum
Phone: +45 42954343
E-mail: Jan-Lohmann@get2net.dk

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"The Sound of "Miles Davis"
Copyright © Jan Lohmann 1991 - 1998