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The Sound of Miles Davis

- A Miles biography -

There are several good Miles Davis biographies on sale, I can recommend:

Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe:
"Miles. The Autobiography"
Simon And Schuster, 1989
ISBN 0-671-63504-2

Jack Chambers:
"Milestones I - the Music and Times of Miles Davis"
"Milestones II - the Music and Times of Miles Davis"
University of Toronto Press, 1983 & 1985

A new edition updated with a new introduction called "Freaky Deaky 1981 - 1991" was published by DaCapo Press, NY. in 1998.
ISBN 0-306-80849-8

Ian Carr:
"Miles Davis - A Critical Biography"
Quartet Books Limited, 1982

A 2nd updated edition called "Miles Davis, The definitive biography" was published by HarperCollinsPublishers in 1998.
ISBN 0-0-255222-1

Lewis Porter:
"John Coltrane. His Life And music"
The University Of Michigan Press, 1998
ISBN 0-472-10161-7
This well researched biography include a lot of informations about Miles Davis not found in the above mentioned biographies.

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"The Sound of "Miles Davis"
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