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The Sound of Miles Davis

- A little about the 1st edition -

With more than 950 entries, this book is the most complete listing of Miles Davisí musical activities ever published.

The discography covers Miles Davisí activities - in studios and at concerts - from his recording debut as a sideman in 1945 and until his death in 1991.

The 343-page discography includes approximately:

  • 250 commercial recordings, including much information and unissued material.
  • 300 Radio and TV-broadcasts, including interviews.
  • 400 Private recording, tapes at concerts.

In addition, the discography includes indexes of musicians and titles plus a list of equivalents of issued records.

"The Sound of MILES DAVIS" - The definitive discography of one of the most creative men in Jazz!

My Miles Davis discography has been very positively received - it got nice reviews and sold fairly well.

One purpose of the book was to let everyone know that someone was, in fact, working on such a project and that I would appreciate feedback on what I had done. And people did react - as a result of the corrections and additions received I am now working on a 2nd edition, which I hope to make as complete as possible. It will include the result of searches in the Columbia and Warner Bros. vaults, as well as the contributions of helpful friends from around the world who contact me either by mail or on the Internet. I hope that this new edition will be available in the autumn of 1998!

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"The Sound of "Miles Davis"
Copyright © Jan Lohmann 1991 - 1998