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The Sound of Miles Davis

- Links to Miles Davis -

Other interesting pages with some sort of connection to Miles Davis. If you know of - or have - a interesting Miles Davis site, then please send me a mail and maybe we could swap links?

  1. The Last Miles. The Music of Miles Davis, 1980 - 1991. New book to be published by George Cole

  2. Paul Tingen's book on Miles. "Miles Beyond, The Electric Explorations of Miles Davis, 1967-1991."

  3. Milestones. Larry Tomczyk’s Miles page devoted to the music and art of Miles Davis.

  4. The Official Miles Davis Web site. Maintained by the estate.

  5. Sam Rivers Discography. by Rick Lopez.

  6. Paolo Rustichelli's. Web site.

  7. David Wild’s Wild Place. The best URL on John Coltrane and now including a new feature on Ornette Coleman.

  8. Coded Phrases in the first Electric Period. Article by Enrico Merlin.

  9. Marcus Miller Discography. by Edi Weitz.

  10. Charlie Parker Discography. by John Burton.

  11. Miles Ahead. Peter Losin Miles Davis website incl. Discography.

  12. Jazz Links. Many additional links.

  13. The Extremely Unofficial. The website of the Miles Davis mailinglist including photo and 'CV' of some of the members. (Rogues Gallery)

  14. Missing Links. Peter Westphal's list of Miles music not listed by Peter Losin.

  15. We love him madly. Rasken’s Miles site.

  16. Miles and Prince. A site about the collaboration between those two. Not all information is correct, but it’s the best attempt found.

  17. The Bill Evans Resource. A Site about the pianoplayer including a discography.

  18. Miles Davis sidemen. Old Chat transcripts with former sidemen.

  19. Miles Davis sidemen. Information and links.

  20. Miles Davis - Bibliography. Bibliographical information related to periodicals and books present in the archive of the Jazz-Institut Darmstadt.

  21. Hank Mobley Discography and Links

  22. David Liebman's website.

  23. Sony's Miles website

  24. Jazzmatazz's list of upcoming Jazz CD's

  25. Foley's website

  26. Ashley Kahn's "Kind of Blue" site

  27. The Gil Evans site by Laurent Cugny

    Mainly for the people living in and around Copenhagen Denmark.
  28. Radio Jazz. About our local Jazz Station including it's monthly Program

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