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The Sound of Miles Davis

- Excerpts from reviews -

"Fans of the many faces of Miles Davis will relish this discography, no doubt, as there is seemingly no end to the information put forth by Mr. Lohmann, not only in the session listings themselves, but in the many, many notes appended thereto. No doubt the definitive Miles Davis discography is here."

Russ Chase. ‘IAJRC Journal’ August, 1992.

"I first saw a draft of Lohmann’s masterwork getting on for 20 years ago, and it acted as a model for me when Ian Carr started on his book in 1975. In its complete form, it takes 341 pages plus appendices to list all Miles’s known recordings, including interview and video material."

Brian Priestley. ‘Jazz’ No. 13/1992

"As far as the music is concerned, let’s start with the definitive discography on Miles compiled by Jan Lohmann.The book lists 925 recording sessions in chronological order. No doubt, this will serve as a pain for Columbia, Prestige and Warner Bros., the labels that hold the lion’s share of his music."

Bob Belden. ‘Down Beat’ May, 1993

"Jan Lohmann has approached this enormous task with the thoroughness typical of those who labour for love, and the result is undoubtedly the most comprehensive published survey yet of Miles Davis’s recorded work."

Mark Gilbert, ‘Jazz Journal’ July, 1993

"As for the omission of sessions, I could find nary a one. The only I’ve spotted is a third title ("Hannibal") broadcasted on the night music TV show of 10/89. I imagine others will be found but not many. At least not until Columbia discovers that cache of previously unknown tapes in its vaults."

Robert Iannapollo, ‘Cadence’ November, 1993

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"The Sound of "Miles Davis"
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