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The Sound of Miles Davis

- Who in the world is Jan Lohmann? -

Jan LohmannI'm 56 years old, married and have a son. My wife and I live in Farum, a pleasant small village 10 miles north of Copenhagen, Denmark, which is close to forests, lakes and the seacoast. My son, and webmaster, is living and working, in the IT business, in Copenhagen.

In my professional life I work as an electrical engineer. I'm Product Manager for Power Supply and Rail Equipment in the transportation division of a large multinational corporation Siemens A/S. In my spare time I have been working for many years on what, I hope one day, to be the definitive and "complete" Miles Davis discography.

In 1992, the year after Miles' sudden death in September of 1991, I published the 1st edition of my Miles Davis discography "THE SOUND OF MILES DAVIS" with all the information available to me at that time.

Besides this discography work, I'm also active in radio production. I have done jazz programs for the Danish National Radio and a few different local radio stations. I was even one of the founders of Radio Jazz, a local radiostation in the Copenhagen area which broadcasts music and interviews for seven hours weekdays (9 PM till 4 AM) and 3 hours each day on weekends (1 PM til 4 PM). If you live near Copenhagen, Denmark you can tune in at 102.9Mhz or 104,5Mhz (cable).

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"The Sound of "Miles Davis"
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